Appaloosa Filly KONDOS M-J

Vanderbijlpark, South Africa • Appaloosa Filly • KONDOS M-J (2016) • For Sale!

“Kondos M-j” – Yearling Appaloosa Filly bred by Kondos Appaloosa Stud.

She was sired by the bred Champion Stallion “KONDOS LEFKOS”.

South African National Champion
South African National Champion “Kondos Lefkos”

She is a half sister and looks just like “KONDOS MADIBA”, a Kondos-bred champion stallion, now owned by Tasmin Maher.

KONDOS MADIBA Appaloosa stallion
KONDOS MADIBA finishing Autumn Gold Cup being champion Appaloosa stallion and 4th in the all breed championships


Someone interested in purchasing some Blanket patterned Appaloosa Females from us, asked for up-dated photos of the Yearling Appaloosa Fillies with that color that we have for sale…. so here is one of them whose pics took on April 6th, 2017.

Appaloosa Filly KONDOS M-J

Contact Kondos Appaloosa

Contact: George Contos Daniel viller
Tel: (016) 982-1595
Cell: 082 772 6434 0832626291
(After 6pm)
Fax: (016) 982-2797

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