CINNABAR EXHIBIT #665159, detta Cinna, nata il 15 Giugno 2010

  • Reserve Champion Coppa Italia Gimkana Western Non Pro Modena 2017

  • 3^ Classificata 2^ GO campionato italiano Gimkana Western Non Pro Verona 2016


Cinnabar Exhibit,

cavalla appaloosa performance cinnabar exhibit.JPG


DESCENDAT OF JOKER B Foaled July 21, 1941 Blue Roan, spotted blanket
Breeder: Jack Casement, Westplains, CO.
Owner @reg.: Lee Berry, Barstow,CA.
ApHC Hall of Fame 1988.
1962 National Champion Get of Sire.
World & National Champion Sire.
Champion Running Sire X2.
First place in the 220 yard race in 1956.
Sire of 3 World Champions, 9 National Champions and 1 Running Champion.
Joker B was the unexpected result of 52 years of planned breeding by Jack and Dan Casement at their ranch in northern Colorado. Blue Vitrol, a blue roan mare the Casements had purchased from Coke Roberds produced a foal with a loud blanket on his hips. The Casements were in the Quarter Horse business. Spotted horses were not welcome at that time in the Quarter Horse world. The sire of this spotted colt was Red Dog –AQHA P-55. Blue Vitrol provided the Appaloosa influence for her foal. Vitriol’s dam was a mare named Leopard. Leopard was by the great Quarter Horse foundation sire, Old Fred.

Questa è una copia del suo certificato bollino oro
certificato cinnabar exhibit

Ecco qualche foto da puledra

Questi invece sono i genitori di Cinna: Sirio e Lunar

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